Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Not my favorite "first"

I didn't expect the head painter to return so early in the day to do the final touch-ups on our apartment, so I found myself with a grand total of 10 minutes in which to davven Shacharit/pray the Morning Service before his arrival. Since Ms. Slow-Davvener's all-time so-called speed record for Shacharit is probably about half an hour, I ended up saying Shacharit on the subway for the first time in my life. No tallit, no tefillin for the first time since my broken wrists healed. Major bummer. :( And it's a good thing today's Tuesday, because I would never have finished the Shir shel Yom (Psalm of the Day) for Wednesday--it's much longer--and still had time to say HaShem ori v'yishi (the so-called Penitential Psalm) before the train pulled into my station. I hope I never to have to davven Shacharit on the subway again.

Update: Dummy that I am, I forgot all about the tallit and tefillin and went grocery shopping after work. I did manage to get home barely in time to sneak in a "wrap" during twilight, but I suspect it was too late to be legit. Oh, well, tomorrow's another opportunity.

Wed., Aug. 18, 2010 update:
I was good today--not only did I davven Shacharit with tallit and tefillin, I said all of my favorite psalms in P'sukei D'Zimrah (which I don't always have time to do), and even added the last three verses of the Mishlei/Chronicles quote to my usual first three. Hmm, I like "bookending" a quote. Maybe I'll try to do that more often.


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